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In Dentistry, Its Not Only Toothpaste That’s Green Anymore

Web 3.0 Industries: From Activism to Normalcy (A Case Study)

By Tim Andrus, Dental Industry Speaker & SBS Dental Partner


It wasn’t long ago that the idea of being “green” meant that you were an “environmentalist”, a “tree hugger” or a “granola masticating hippy” – all terms implicating that you were an activist nut. The 80’s and 90’s were peppered with global incidents of activists chaining themselves to trees, blocking shipping routes and blowing things up in acts of eco-terrorism. While this behavior still occurs from time to time, the idea of being green and socially conscious has now become mainstream and entered the realm of normalcy, and even expected behavior.


The pervasiveness and acceptability of what Thought Leader Chad Lefevre calls “Green Consciousness” has now permeated all sectors. A blend of being green and socially conscious at the same time, the acceleration of this concept as the bonafide new reality for most industries is reified by the rapidly advancing technologies endemic of the emerging Web 3.0 economy. Web 3.0 solutions are providing businesses in any and all sectors with the tools necessary to make the Green Conscious shift; even sectors where there has not traditionally been a big outcry are heeding the call, .… like dentistry.


Your first clue to the Green Conscious shift occurring in the dental industry is in the name of one of the companies leading the charge: “World Dental Club”. For this exclusive dental business and lifestyle club, being “world” focused necessarily implies a need to provide Green Conscious products and services to World Dental Club members, because as one world, we can no longer assume that my behavior won’t effect communities elsewhere.


“The same arc of technological innovation that made globalization possible is now bringing about “Green Consciousness”, says Chad Lefevre, CEO of World Dental Club. “Health care companies should be leading by example when it comes to the importance of social responsibility and environmental stewardship because an unconscious, unhealthy environment will negatively effect each person’s ability to be healthy and to lead healthy lives, it’s core to our brands. Dentistry, or oral heath care is a critical part of overall health, and because of this it makes sense for dentistry to create opportunities for dentists to make Green Conscious business and lifestyle choices that will effect them and their patients.”


World Dental Club is doing just that, and more. As it readies for its Fall 2010 coming out party, this US and Canada based next-gen dentistry brand is taking its “Increase Profit: Be Green Conscious” business and lifestyle message to dentists across the US, Canada and Western Europe in 2010/2011, and has firm plans to help grow the dental industry in China in 2011/2012. “We will do it earlier in China if provided the opportunity”, says Lefevre, “With the world’s strongest economy, and a dentist to patient ratio of only 1 dentist for every 25,000 patients, China is critical to our plans, because China’s dental industry is about explode in big and good way, and we want to support its growth and help them grow in a Green Conscious way”. 


How does World Dental Club plan to shift the dental industry to Green Consciousness so it can become the health care industry leader? Here’s how.




Better Products, Less Waste

World Dental Club is offering a portfolio of only the top products to its membership, where top is defined as quality industry standards that their members vote and recognize as the premium tools they want.


Solar Powered Mobile Dental Clinics

With its JV Partnership with Advanced Mobile Hospital Systems (AMoHS) to provide mobile dental clinics to remote areas around the world, World Dental Club is working to find a way to convert all clinics to solar power.


Reduction of Travel

World Dental Club reduces the carbon footprint of member dentists with reduced business travel to get access to the people and information they need to access. As a virtual club model, World Dental Club creates ways for member dentists to be in community with one another and with dental associations virtually where information and interactions normally only experienced in real life dental conferences are instead delivered through its state of the art portal, which integrates a dual patented e-learning solution with social media and smart video conferencing.


Social Responsibility


“Smiling World” Program

World Dental Club’s Smiling World program is designed to support communities around the world where dental care is sparse or non-existent through the provision of dental services and training for local dentists. In partnership with its members and sponsor partners, World Dental Club covers the cost of bringing dental health to communities that need it most.


Prevention Education

In late 2010 / early 2011, World Dental Club will roll out a series of social media campaigns and hi tech solutions for the patients of member dentists to better communicate the importance of healthy mouths, and how to achieve a state of oral health.


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World Dental Club is an exclusive global members-only dental club that, in conjunction with its partners such as Esthetica Dental Exchange, connects dentists with premium dental products, training resources, expertise, support services and each other, to facilitate substantive increases in profit, advances in procedural efficacy, and enhanced performance for member dentists. In addition to access to products and lab services/ prosthetics, the Club provides a suite of market-by market dental business concierge services, global e-learning and training opportunities, and technologically advanced e-publishing and best practice networking opportunities, plus mind, body and soul rejuvenating lifestyle services and amenities.


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